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Welcome for Worldwide ATM Exchange

Welcome all worldwide ATM covers/aerogramme,
ATM labels (mint set and purchasing receipts),
ATM maxicards, will reply ATM labels, covers and

maxicards from Taiwan.

George WU
Xiulang P.O. Box 155,
Yungho, Taipei 234968,
Republic of China.

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ROC (Taiwan) Chunghwa Post Currently Postal Service

ROC (Taiwan) Chunghwa Post  Currently Postal Service
Due to the COVID-19 reason, ROC (Taiwan) Chunghwa Post was temporary suspended almost all oversea postal destination postal service, latest resume 40 destinations, hope will full recovery all worldwide postal service soon. (updated November 15, 2021)

Friday, January 07, 2022

ROC ~ Taipei 2021 Asian Stampex Postponed Again

Sue to the Covid-19 reason, the Taipei 2021 Asian International Stampex will postponed again, the Taipei 2022 Stampex organizing committee was official announced the stampex will postponed to August 11~15, 2023.