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Friday, October 29, 2010

ROC ~ Night Delivery Registered Cover

Registered receipt from Taipei Lokchun post office.

Republic of China (Taiwan) Night delivery registered cover, posted on October 27, 2010 from the first day opening postal service of the Taipei Lokchun post office, the registered letter was requested redirected from receiver's working office address change night delivering to receiver's home address.
The cover was affixed with redirected mail red label and cancelled with night delivery instruction blue chop on the front cover, with extra service charge postage due stamps on back side.

Night Delivery Service (NDS) will good for all peoples who daily work unable at home to waiting for registered mails, all the post offices will providing a night delivery service, all the NDS registered letters will under customers' individual request delivering on night time from daily 19:00 to 21:00, all the special NDS mails will charge extra special delivering fee for NT$7 each, the envelope will affixing with NT$7 postage due stamps as NDS charge receipt.